Church & Association
Representation Form

2021 Virtual Annual Session

October 25 -27, 2021

Complete the form below online representation form for your church and/or association. If you intended to mail or fax the form, please click here.

Annual Session Church & Association Representation Form
Annual Session Church & Association Representation Form


Thank you for registering for the 2021 Annual Session of GBSCNC. Please complete the form below.

Registration Type

Church Physical Address *
Church Physical Address
Is the Church Physical Address different from the Church Mailing Address *
Church Mailing Address *
Church Mailing Address
Street Address or P.O. Box

Pastor's Information

Currently without a Pastor *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address

GBSCNC unites with you and your church family as you seek the direction of God for your pastor. Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Tony Barr and Assistant Executive Secretary-Treasurer Rev. Quan Stewart are able to assist. We can also post your vacancy online and in the Baptist Informer. Email us at for more information.


The following chart outlines the Constitutional requirements for representation. Please use this chart to determine the amount you must pay to represent and the number of messengers that your Church is entitled to send to this session. You are entitled to send the number of persons indicated above based on the size of your Church and your representation fee. Additional persons may register for a fee of $20.00 per person.

If your pastor is attending, please add your pastor into your total messenger count.

Church Representation
1-50 Members

2 Messengers: $50.00

51-100 Members

3 Messengers: $75.00

101-250 Members

4 Messengers: $150.00

251-500 Members

5 Messengers: $175.00

501-750 Members

6 Messengers: $200.00

751-1000 Members

7 Messengers: $225.00

1001-1499 Members

8 Messengers: $250.00

1500 and Up Members

9 Messengers: $350.00

Contribution to State Missions

In addition to the representation fees above, your Church is asked to send a contribution for State Missions. The amount to be sent for State Missions is left up to your Church to decide. Please enter the amount of your donation to State Missions or enter $0.00 if you plan to give later.

State Missions *

Messengers Information

Enter the contact information for each messenger for which you are entitled.

Messenger #1

Messenger #2

Messenger #3

Messenger #4

Messenger #5

Messenger #6

Messenger #7

Messenger #8

Messenger #9

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